Oct 28


I have had quite a few reasons to believe that there is or was a ghost of some sort in a group of townhouses I used to live in…

  • I came out of my bedroom early one morning before work to find a lot of my sons toys scattered along the hallway and into the bathroom, even onto the bathroom sink. My son was not staying over at this time.

  • While I collected up the above mess my partner went outside for a cigarette, walking across the dining room floor to turn on the light on her way. When she came back in she saw about a handful of whole peanuts we had in a bowl strewn onto the dining room floor, right where she had walked to turn on the light so they couldn’t have been there before.
  • There were quite a few other instances where objects have been found moved around to different locations. Even my little plastic Picachu doll which seems to like moving about overnight and changing poses, sometimes I find it with it’s head turned backwards…
  • The best yet was coming home to find this message on my Linux pc… the pc was on with a standard terminal prompt but not connected to the net at the time. (I always left it on to process SETI@home blocks)
[radan@EDark radan]$ ispon
[radan@EDark radan]$ ispoff
[radan@EDark radan]$ i like neew toys to play with i play ed with t
hese ones can please get new ones i used live in house here
i like the cat but why wont it plaay with mealways runs away from me

i dont get to eat now i used to like fo

bash: i: command not found
[radan@EDark radan]$ bye new toys

This is an actual screen dump of the terminal screen.

The first two lines were me tuning my isp link on then off the day before, then I get the message highlighted in red.
Who knows what strange powers we live with, but that place (and many others) have had some strange occurances.