Who am I?

  • I am an Australia male with possible Aboriginal ancestry as well as some European back over 5 generations ago.
  • I am what some people may call a “Jack of all Trades” as I generally can do anything I put my mind to.
  • I am an honest person. I treat others with the same respect I expect in return and I expect nothing else.
  • I am a dreamer – some may say I have my head in the clouds – I’d say it’s in space! 🙂
  • I am an avoider of conflict – it’s not that I can’t handle confrontations – I’d just prefer things to be peaceful.
  • I have been using the name Radan online for many years, other names always ended up in conflict with other users but this one seemed to always remain unique. (I’m talking back when IRC was the main online chat system >10 years ago) In Croatia it means Glad, Bulgaria it means Joy. I’m sure there are others…

What do I do?

  • Anything I want to! 🙂
  • Computers have always been my main hobby – even career at times.
    • My first was a Dick Smith VZ200 back in around 1984.
    • Upgraded to an Amstrad CPC in 1985 on which I started getting into programming and ‘hacking’ games etc.
    • First job in 1988 building IBM-style PCs (this is before ‘windows’ even existed!) later servicing and some R & D.
    • Second job in sales and service of PC’s about 1996.
    • Since then I’ve kept it up as a main hobby – staying up to date and trying to learn programming seriously.
  • I also do a bit of music, mainly electric guitar – some keyboard – used to do a bit of sequencing but not for a long time.
  • Cars, I love to go for long drives, never afraid to push the limits – always wanted to do off-road rally racing 🙂 – Done a lot of mechanical work on my cars over the years although new cars don’t allow much there anymore…
  • Travelling – goes well with the driving – traveled most of Australia as a kid with my parents and would love to do it again – seen so may beautiful places this country has to offer.
  • Photography – goes with just about all of the above! I have a Canon digital SLR 550D with an ‘L’ series lens that does 28mm-300mm with image stabilizer and a 50mm F1.8 Lens that’s great for low-light. Cost me a lot but I enjoy it a lot too. Maybe one day I’ll sell some of my shots.
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy – Books & movies about Dragons, Vampires, outer space, etc… I’m a dreamer and my overdeveloped imagination needs a lot to feed on 🙂
  • Bush walking – also good with traveling and photography – anywhere it’s scenic and peaceful. “Take only pictures. Leave only footprints”
  • Electronics – anything that allows me to tinker 🙂 from simple amplifiers to fm radio bugs to embedded electronics and robots.
  • Games – Computer Games – Some of my favourites are Flight sims, driving sims, roleplaying/adventures and online games.

What do I want from life?

  • I  just want to be able to live quietly by, doing the things I enjoy, to not be a burden on anyone else.
  • I’d like a job that goes with my hobbies – I aspire to be a paid programmer one day – possibly a game programmer.
  • I don’t need to be rich or even debt free – as long as the bills are getting paid and I’m enjoying life I’d be happy.

And that’s about all other than I’m about 40, I’m a Scorpio and I have a girlfriend for life so no offers! 😛

  • “Who knows how long we will live. So why not enjoy every last minute of it?”