I have had quite a few reasons to believe that there is or was a ghost of some sort in a group of townhouses I used to live in…

  • I came out of my bedroom early one morning before work to find a lot of my sons toys scattered along the hallway and into the bathroom, even onto the bathroom sink. My son was not staying over at this time.

  • While I collected up the above mess my partner went outside for a cigarette, walking across the dining room floor to turn on the light on her way. When she came back in she saw about a handful of whole peanuts we had in a bowl strewn onto the dining room floor, right where she had walked to turn on the light so they couldn’t have been there before.
  • There were quite a few other instances where objects have been found moved around to different locations. Even my little plastic Picachu doll which seems to like moving about overnight and changing poses, sometimes I find it with it’s head turned backwards…
  • The best yet was coming home to find this message on my Linux pc… the pc was on with a standard terminal prompt but not connected to the net at the time. (I always left it on to process SETI@home blocks)
[radan@EDark radan]$ ispon
[radan@EDark radan]$ ispoff
[radan@EDark radan]$ i like neew toys to play with i play ed with t
hese ones can please get new ones i used live in house here
i like the cat but why wont it plaay with mealways runs away from me

i dont get to eat now i used to like fo

bash: i: command not found
[radan@EDark radan]$ bye new toys

This is an actual screen dump of the terminal screen.

The first two lines were me tuning my isp link on then off the day before, then I get the message highlighted in red.
Who knows what strange powers we live with, but that place (and many others) have had some strange occurances.

5 thoughts on “Ghosts?

  1. Hi Radan,

    Cool – a linux box that channels the dead 🙂

    I believe that there are three types of non-corporeal beings – the dead, the living playing astral sillybuggers, and extradimensional visitors (that is, those things that were never really alive to begin with). I’ve seen pretty convincing proof of all three. Truly, there is more to heaven and earth than is encompassed by that commonly accepted.

    Best regards, Andrew

  2. Yes, I’ve seen, felt and experienced way too many things to not believe in some form of spiritual existance… including some quite scary things (and I’m not easily scared…)
    Still yet to see any convincing form of alien/ufo tho……

  3. I can vouch for the authenticity of this story, since I used to cat/house sit this particular townhouse for Radan, Just me and the Cat, and that possesed pikachu doll would turn up in the wierdest places, with its head turned backwards (but always faceing away from the wall). I wondered if I was going stir crazy.