Gallery Online!

Another new plugin installed for testing – Alex Rabe’s NextGen gallery.

Currently still in beta testing so I expect possible bugs but so far it looks really good.

Latest ‘stable’ version is 0.74 from the above link, however if you go to his main home page theres a download to the latest test version 0.80 which is what I’ve downloaded today.

Many configurable options, allows multiple Galleries which can be grouped into albums. Photos can be uploaded in zip files (great for multiples), entire folders (with compatible browsers) and single pictures. Supports highly configurable watermarks too! The gallery setup page can also generate nested Wp Pages for you! 😉

Individual pictures or galleries can be added to posts and pages with simple tags. eg…


Two sidebar widgets are included –

  • a random photo widget – shows any number of custom size thumbnails for selectable galleries or all.
  • a slide show widget – configurable size and options like selected galleries or all.

For more information have a look at the plugin site.

To look at my photos check out the Photos page.


8 thoughts on “Gallery Online!

  1. Yes, quite a powerful plugin too.. will be taking my time to go through all my old gallery pics and upload them – had over 1000 on my old online gallery…
    Only hassle I’ve had with this plugin is due to the server I’m using having ‘php safe mode’ set on, this means the plugin isn’t allowed to create new directories for itself – so I have to create them manually with ftp then add the gallery to use them… nothing major so I’m not complaining.
    In all will suit me fine 🙂

  2. I have used this plugin heaps on my personal family blog – mostly used for pics of the kids to show the family back home and I love it. Its great when you’ve got lots of photos to put in a post, so it doesn’t get too long and readers can choose whether they want to load and view the full size versions. I love to see a similar one using Flickr photos though. None of the ones I have tried work like this one.